These Supreme-related scams are getting incredibly elaborate.

As pointed out by various news outlets, a China-based clothing company reportedly hired an actor to pose as Supreme’s “president” during a phony fashion event. The man is said to have traveled to Guangzhou, a city northwest of Hong Kong, to sign off on a so-called partnership between OXN and the iconic streetwear brand; however, Highsnobiety reports the collaboration was bogus, and that the actor was allegedly hired by OXN in an attempt to make its products seem more legitimate.

Several clips of the OXN x Supreme signing event have surfaced on the internet; one of which shows the actor just moments after he inked the deal in front of an audience.

Initial reports stated the actor had tricked OXN, as well as a number of other Chinese-based companies, into signing big money deals with “Supreme”; however, according to consumer publication Jing Daily, the actor was allegedly recruited by OXN as part of the popular “rent-a-foreigner” business scheme.

Per Jing Daily:

The “rent-a-foreigner” business is not a new phenomenon in China—domestic brands and small scale companies often hire attractive foreigners to pose as colleagues in a ruse to win over more Chinese consumers.

Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

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