The playful world of Moomin has joined forces with Wood Wood to launch a collaborative effort for Save the Children. 

Working together to deliver help to children in need, Wood Wood, Moomin, and Save the Children have come together to create an apparel capsule that will see all proceeds go to the aforementioned charity. 

Sophia Jansson from Oy Moomin Characters, Ltd spoke on the collaborative collection, saying: “I am so happy about the collaboration between Wood Wood and Moomin for Save the Children as it puts focus on those who are the most vulnerable and at the same time are our future. Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories often centre around those who need comfort and attention, and on how important it is that they are heard and seen, and ultimately treated nicely. Wood Wood shares those values, and I am so thankful they wished to include Moomin in their campaign.” 

The full apparel collection launches on September 15th in-store and online via Wood Wood.

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